Hi! We’re Alberts.

We developed the world’s first smoothie vending machine: The Alberts Smoothie Station. Our smoothie robot prepares your fresh, personalized smoothie on the spot using 100% natural ingredients: fruit, veggies and water – nothing else.

Get healthy smoothies at work or school!

What’s up with our Eating Habits?

doesn’t drink enough water

doesn’t eat enough fruit

doesn’t eat enough veggies

Eating Healthy at Work Helps and Here’s Why…

Easily adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits

Increase overall productivity and decrease absenteeism

Improve concentration and work performance

Continue newly acquired habits from work at home

Alberts Smoothie

Smoothies Make Fruit & Veggies Sexy Again

Alberts Smoothies are 100% natural, made with pure fruit & veggies, adding only water. Nothing else! We don’t do syrups, juices, powders, purees or anything else with high amounts of (added) sugar. That makes Alberts Smoothies the perfect addition to your daily fruit & veggie intake.

Alberts Smoothies

Making Healthy Food Accessible

Making hard things easy… is not that easy. The Alberts Smoothie Station is a nifty piece of food technology that is the result of hard work, brain teasing and hitting some walls, but we pulled it off. We can proudly present to you the first fresh smoothie machine for personalized smoothies! We have nothing to hide, you can see the whole process live. Our smoothie robot makes for an innovative eye-catcher at any office!

The Smoothie Machine
Select your favorite smoothie

Or make your own, using the Alberts App.

We collect your frozen fruit & veggies

Pure and unprocessed frozen ingredients for maximum nutrient retention.

We only add water and blend

No juice, no purees, no bullshit. We add filtered water for a pure taste and optimal healthiness.

Ready to start sipping your smoothie?

Slurp sustainably with our edible straws. Enjoy!

The first personalized smoothie machine

We’re proud to introduce you to our machine and distribute it across the world.

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