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Be quick to grab one of the first fifty Smoothie Stations ever made!
Currently only available in Belgium.

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Alberts supports the 50 healthiest companies in Belgium to achieve their health ambitions.

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The smoothie

Your daily health fix

Alberts Smoothies are prepared with 100% natural fruit, veggies & water. That’s it!

The app

Like adventure?

Mix your own smoothie!

Too sour? Too sweet? Too nasty? Or just too pre-programmed? Your own smoothie mix is just a download away. With our app you can create your own favorite smoothie mix, send it to the machine and bingo. It’s that simple. Got a winner? Don’t keep it to yourself, but share it with your friends!


alberts app android Alberts app ios

Select your favorite smoothie

Or create your own, using the Alberts App.

We fetch your frozen fruits & veggies

Pure and unprocessed frozen fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrition.

We only add hot water and mix

No juice, no purees, no bullshit. We add purified water for pure taste and minimal calories.


Take your straw and cover and enjoy!

The first personalized smoothie machine

We’re proud to introduce you to our machine and distribute it across the world.

The machine

Meet your blender’s nightmare

Making hard things easy… is not that easy. The Alberts Smoothie Station is a piece of technology that is the result of hard work, brain teasing and hitting some walls, but we pulled it off. We can proudly present to you the first fresh smoothie machine in Europe! We have nothing to hide, you can see the whole process live.


You can find our smoothie stations here

Taking over the world takes time. We’ll come to you (soon)!

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Carrefour Express Froissart
Rue Froissart / Froissartstraat 93
1000 Etterbeek
Carrefour Express Gare de l’Ouest
Avenue de Roovere / De Rooverelaan 24
1080 Bruxelles / Brussel
Carrefour Express Manhattan
Bld Du Jardin Botanique / Kruidtuinlaan 4A
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel
Hypermarket Carrefour Evere
Av. Des Olympiades / Olympiadelaan 12
1140 Evere
Agoria / BluePoint
Boulevard Auguste Reyers / Auguste Reyerslaan 80
1030 Bruxelles / Brussel
Vlaamse overheid
Herman Teirlinck Building
Avenue du Port 88
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel
(NEW!) Ellipse Building
Boulevard Roi Albert II
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel
VUB Resto
Boulevard de la Plaine / Pleinlaan 2
1050 Ixelles / Elsene


New review of scientific studies confirms #foodcravings can be reduced: "Being mindful of these desires gives us more control of them."

#eatinghabits #snackingbehavior

Alberts is a Belgian #foodtech startup. We help people make #healthychoices by taking the hassle away.

The #AlbertsSmoothieStation is a fully #automated #vendingmachine for #personalized #smoothies, freshly made on the spot in 90sec.

Get yours! 👇

Benefits of a healthy diet — with or without weight loss
By @harvardmed:

#healthydiet #healthyhabits #eatinghabits #smoothliving


1 out of 4 people worldwide is not being physically active enough.
In Belgium it's 1 out of 3.
The average Belgian is doing worse than the worldwide average!

Read all about it (in Dutch):

#healthinbelgium #SaturdayMotivation @vrtnws

It’s such a compliment when people’s eyes sparkle while trying out your product. Healthy food can be tasty and easy!

#albertssmoothies #healthysnack #befoodtech

Get your own Alberts Station here:

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