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We may go out on a limb here…

Vision for a Healthier World

Fact: most of us are not eating enough fruit & veggies. In Europe, 85% of the population doesn’t reach the required amount of fruit & veggies advised by the World Health Organization. Amongst Europeans younger than the age 15, 35% don’t even get one portion a day!
Time for the Belgian FoodTech to evoke change! Alberts wants to contribute to a healthier world by making personalized, healthy nutrition available and affordable to everyone, everywhere.
Excuses belong in the past

Let’s change things up

Our goal is to help people make healthy choices. That’s why we bring to you the Alberts Smoothie Station. By making a healthy alternative accessible and affordable wherever and whenever you need it, we take away the added sugars, the hassle, and the excuses.
alberts smoothie station

Who's the captain?
About the founders

Alberts is a Belgian start-up founded in 2015 by 3 young entrepreneurs:
Co-CEOs Glenn Mathijssen & Philippe Hennin, and CFO Stefan Maas
Together they are “GPS”, navigating the business towards a future where we are healthy as a company while leading the way towards a healthy lifestyle for everyone in all facets of life.

Why "Alberts"?
What's in a Name

Remember that witty guy coming up with mind-blowing ideas and sticking out his tongue? That’s Einstein. We’re Alberts. Simply put: our name is a tribute with a wink. We look for ways to introduce intelligent solutions with a touch of humor.

How did you come up with this idea?
Great Minds Think Alike

Glenn and Philippe excelled at being your typical student: they were always busy and efforts to eat healthy were often in vain. Going on an inspirational trip to New York, they had a change of heart and quickly realized it would be their last holiday for a long time.


What's our dream?
Health for All

Making the world a healthier place by making healthy, personalized alternatives available to individuals anywhere, anytime. Today, we choose smoothies to increase the world’s average fruit & vegetable intake. Tomorrow? Let’s find out!

How did we start?
Think Big, Start Small

Most entrepreneurs find their initial funding amongst the 3 Fs: Friends, Fools & Family. Not us, though. We were the only Fools.
We are lucky that some industry experts believed in us as well, who guided us and helped us along the way.

What is the Alberts Station?
Future of Food

What is known today as The Alberts Smoothie Station is a nifty piece of robotics assembled and developed in Belgium. The Station prepares smoothies out of raw, frozen fruit & veggies and pure water – no additives, no juices, no nonsense. The Clean-In-Place technology takes most of the daily maintenance out of your hands, so it requires minimum effort and ensures food safety!

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