The Alberts App Redesigned: here’s what has changed!

By November 30, 2018App
Only a few months ago (can you believe it?), we launched the Alberts app for iPhone and Android to the greater public. We had beta-testers thoroughly try out the app and give feedback on what they liked about the app, what could be improved and what features they would like to see in the future.
Well, we’re happy to announce that a new version has been tested by our day-one users. With their feedback we have now launched the new version of the Alberts App. It is now available for everyone to enjoy!
So what has changed?
Well, you can still order your personalized smoothie like you used to. But the look and feel of the Alberts App has completely transformed and blossomed.
Read on to see the unveiling. Let’s take you through the app experience step by step.

1. The Welcome Message

When you open the app, you might think you’re in the wrong place. But you’re not! The intro has been redesigned to look more “Alberts”. Enjoy it while it lasts, because after you’ve seen the intro once it will disappear forever. (Or at least until we create a new updated version)
alberts app redesigned

2. The New Home Menu

We have listened to your feedback and have a lot of new features coming up soon! Catch a glimpse of what things will look like in a few months on the new Home screen. Today, you can access the smoothie creator section from this screen. In the future… well, download the app for Android or iPhone and see for yourself!
Alberts app redesigned

3. The New Look & Feel

Now, to get to the most eye-catching part: the new look of the Alberts App! We’re super excited to present you the revamped experience. The colors and design are more on-brand and the transitions when shifting from one screen to the other are a lot easier on the eye than before. You can’t miss the fact that the smoothie creator feature has been completely redesigned as well! How are you liking the new look of the app?

alberts app redesigned

4. The UX

We switched things around with the smoothie creator feature. Experienced app users will see that in fact a lot has changed! The cup looks more attractive and when you add ingredients they will have a nice color gradient.
You now have to swipe and tap to choose ingredients in the slider. When tapping ingredients, you’ll see the fruit and veggies appear around the cup as well. Visually much nicer to take screenshots of to use on your Instagram right? 😉
At the top of the screen you’ll also see “a legend” if you want a quick overview of the ingredients you’ve added to your smoothie so far.
When your order is ready – when you’ve added ten ingredient units to your cup – the order button pops up so you can continue to the next step: activating the QR scanner.
You’ll see an overview of your order before you scan: how much of each ingredient you chose and the price of the smoothie.
Just like before this new update, you scan the QR code on the machine (you’ll find the code after tapping “My Alberts Smoothie” on the touch screen).
Pay with Maestro, Bancontact, Mastercard or Visa using the payment terminal (on the machines where they are available). When you’re payment was accepted, you’ll receive a positive feedback on your phone. Remember to confirm your order on the machine’s touch screen as well!
You’ll see that your order appeared on the machine’s touch screen as well when successful, including the nutritional value of your order.

redesigned alberts app

5. Social buttons

In the About tab, you’ll see it’s now easier to connect with us on your favorite social channels with our newly designed social buttons. Share your smoothie experience with us and the community by tagging @albertsliving and using #smoothliving.
alberts app redesigned

If you’re new to the Alberts App experience, you can sign up for our Welcome Guide here for behind-the-scenes insights and access to our secret smoothie menu. 

Do you want to become a beta-tester in the future? Make sure to sign up for our monthly updates here where we announce calls for new testers when slots open up.