How to Become a Member of Belgium’s Healthy 50?

By February 28, 2018H50

Workplace health is a hot topic these days. We are here to deliver an easy solution to upgrade your employees’ wellbeing. Join H50!


Once upon a time, two recently graduated friends flew over to New York for a city trip. Summers in the Big Apple can get very hot, though. So after some walking around they felt like rehydrating with a healthy drink… something like a smoothie. As soon as they placed their order and saw how the “healthy” beverage was prepared (and, quite frankly, dug a hole in their wallet), the idea of finding a sugar-free alternative sprouted.

From Idea to Startup

Doing some literature research, Glenn and Philippe realized they’d discovered a gigantic gap in the market.

Key learning 1: snacks make up 25% of our average daily food consumption and some snacks (like muffins) contain more sugar in one piece than you should eat in one entire day. For every 2000 calories consumed, we take in more than 50g of added sugars on average (which is a lot more than the recommended limit of 26g for women and 36g for men).

Key learning 2: the average individual in the Western world consumes less than the required 400g of fruit and vegetables (or 5 portions) per day. In the EU, an average of 34% eats less than one portion of fruit and vegetables per day. 55% eats between 1-4 portions per day (which is still less than recommended).

Key learning 3: additives, such as added sugars, are a primary cause of common diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer (and even, yep, absenteeism). Worldwide, sugar can be directly linked to 184,000 deaths per year according to a study by the Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Massachusetts.

Glenn and Philippe did the math. And some market research. As it turns out, there is some serious potential to get into the healthy snacking market.

H50 member

But how to differentiate? How to stand out and go along with the current technologies?

Glenn and Philippe happen to be engineers. After long nights of discussing how they could find a solution for the world’s disastrous snacking habits, they came up with the idea of having fresh, all-natural smoothies prepared by a robot. Keywords: hassle-free, sugar-free.

“Let’s just go for it,” they said, and together with Glenn’s long-time friend Stefan, the holy trinity founded what today is known as the start-up Alberts.

Helping People to Make Healthy Choices

Making the world eat more balanced meals doesn’t happen in one day, and we certainly can’t do it alone. In our latest article on Health in Belgium, we talked about how employees, organizations and governments should all work together towards a healthy lifestyle.

And what if you could use technology to make the transition smoother? What if you start with snacking and go from there? By taking away the hassle and starting small, our goal seems a lot more attainable already!

H50 member

The Alberts Smoothie Station is the world’s first vending machine that prepares a fresh smoothie in under 90 seconds using frozen fruit and vegetables and adding only water. On top of that, you can create your own combinations through an app. Unique in the world. And completely in line with today’s demand for personalized, hassle-free and on-the-go food.

Why and Where Should I Apply for H50 Membership?

We want to support companies to achieve their health ambitions. That is why we launched a campaign called “Belgium’s Healthy 50” (H50). These are the fifty companies in Belgium that will have an Alberts Smoothie Station in their offices (and will probably become Employer of the Year in 2018 😉  ).

H50 member

Organizations that invest in the health of their employees deserve something extra. First, being part of the first H50 means you will be included in all our marketing efforts surrounding the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for all Belgians. Being the first today, means being the first tomorrow. If we launch something new, you’ll be the first to know about it and opt in. And we will make sure the world knows.

Which leads me to number two: investing in innovation shows that you think ahead and are open to change. This will make you an attractive organization for new employees. Especially Millennials, who make up 40% of the total workforce today. Millennials will apply with you if you are truly open to innovation. They will come to you if you not only show you offer them opportunities to learn, but when you show you are open to learn as well.

In order to be an H50 member, we have a few selection criteria.
– Your company is ready to take wellbeing of their employees into their own hands!
– At least 200 people are at your location every day (students, employees, visitors…)
– Your organization is located in Belgium and has an accessible water and powerline or the ability to install it.

Leave us a message. Let’s meet. We’ll get the details in order, et voilà! Within six months one of the 50 Alberts Stations will be installed at your location.


Ready to kick this off?

At Alberts we like to keep moving forward. So, if you want to get a spot within the 50 healthiest companies in Belgium, fill out our contact form below or visit our H50 website.

But be quick, because the first 25% is taken!

If you are an organization outside of Belgium, stay tuned. Soon we will bring this campaign to your country as well!

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