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Alberts blogs about topics related to the food, vending and manufacturing industry. In line with our transparent approach to business, we also share insights on how we “do” things at Alberts – as it is, un-edited. Discover the world of smoothies, robotics and startups!

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recommender systems

Recommender Systems: from Customization to Personalization (and Beyond)

| How Alberts Does It | No Comments
What if you never got stuck on thinking about what to eat? What if someone else presented you day after day with the exact meal you did not even know...
vending benefits

3 Vending Benefits that Every Facility Manager Should Know

| Vending | No Comments
The availability of healthy nutrition in the office is becoming a must-have in companies all around the world. The best way to offer snacks 24/7? An automatic vending machine. However,...

Alberts App 2020 – Update 3.0.0.

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We’ve got some exciting new things to share about the new Alberts App update for 2020!  Keeping up with the times and with the most requested features, we’ve integrated some...
boost immune system corona virus

How to Boost your Immune System with these healthy food habits

| Food for Thought | No Comments

  A strong immune system has always been super important to stay as healthy as possible. It helps protect you from all bacteria and viruses and especially today, we need…

alberts new interface

Update 2020: Towards a smoother experience… and beyond!

| How Alberts Does It | No Comments
These last few months, we have been preparing something big: our first series production with our local partner. The production will have a capacity of 10 smoothie stations per month....
healthy brain food boost

Boost Your Brain with These Healthy Snacks

| Food for Thought | No Comments

  Exam period has hit the town and you know what that means… your valuable student brain is gonna get a serious workout, your kids are gonna need some mother’s…

food safety

Basic Things You Need to Know about Food Safety & Hygiene

| How Alberts Does It | One Comment

Have you ever suffered from food poisoning? Then you know better than anyone why food safety and hygiene are so important! Every food manufacturer takes the food safety standards to…

food waste

5 Things You Can Do About Food Waste Right Now

| Food for Thought | No Comments
In the Western world, we waste three times the amount of food needed to feed the hungriest people. This means that 30% of all food globally produced is lost somewhere...
healthy eating habits that stick

Nutrition Month: 6 Expert Tips for Healthy Eating Habits that Stick!

| Food for Thought | One Comment
March is Nutrition Month at Alberts, a month that is all about unlocking the power of healthy food! In March, we especially focus on the power of frozen food, the...
frozen food

Why We Use Frozen Food Ingredients

| How Alberts Does It | One Comment
Frozen food is on the rise. This is largely because of its convenience. According to the latest reports, out of all segments, especially Millennials seem to buy into the frozen...
healthy eating habits

Healthy Eating Habits at Work? It’s Easy if you do it Smart!

| How Alberts Does It | No Comments
Think maintaining healthy eating habits at work is hard? Nah! Not if you have the right tools and mindset to make it happen. Read on to find out more! Healthy...
smoothies vs juicing

Smoothies vs. Juicing – Which Is Better for You?

| Food for Thought | No Comments
We see juice bars and smoothie bars everywhere. "Homemade" juices and fresh smoothies are becoming menu staples all over the place. But what is a smoothie? And what is the...
healthy eating at work

Promoting Healthy Food in the Workplace: The Importance of Healthy Eating at Work

| H50 | One Comment
Being productive, it all starts with food. Eating healthy food helps your digestive system function optimally. Consequently, you will sleep better. You’ll be able to concentrate better. Doing your work...
alberts app redesigned

The Alberts App Redesigned: here’s what has changed!

| App | No Comments
Only a few months ago (can you believe it?), we launched the Alberts app for iPhone and Android to the greater public. We had beta-testers thoroughly try out the app...
food labels

How to Read Food labels: What’s on a label?

| Food for Thought | 2 Comments

  In Belgium, about 60% of shoppers claim to check the nutritional value stated of food products before they buy them. Mainly, they’ll look at the food labels for the…

Download Alberts App

Get Creative with your Smoothies: Alberts App Available on Android and iPhone!

| App | No Comments
This month, we launched the world’s first app that lets you make your own smoothies: the Alberts App.  You like it sweet and your friend likes it sour? You want your...
working at a startup

What’s It Like Working at a Startup: 4 Myths Unraveled

| How Alberts Does It | No Comments
If you're like me, maybe you're wondering if it’s in your best interest to work in the safe environment of a big corporate where you have the chance to climb...
robotic co-workers

Why We Love Robotic Co-Workers (And You Should, Too!)

| Manufacturing | No Comments

  The future of robotics has never seemed more bright for SMEs. At Alberts, we love working with robotic co-workers. In fact, co-bot Franka joined our development team quite smoothly….

H50 member join

How to Become a Member of Belgium’s Healthy 50?

| H50 | No Comments
Workplace health is a hot topic these days. We are here to deliver an easy solution to upgrade your employees' wellbeing. Join H50!   Once upon a time, two recently...
health belgium workplace alternatives

Health in Belgium: Employees Want More Healthy Alternatives in the Workplace

| Market Research | One Comment
50% of Belgian employees would choose different snacks if more healthy alternatives were available at work. Here are the facts and how you can take action. We all know the...
Health at work

Health at Work: A Blessing or a Curse?

| Market Research | No Comments
Employee well-being is a major topic these days. Question is whether you, as an employer, should interpret the growing demand for Health at Work as a blessing or a curse....