Get Creative with your Smoothies: Alberts App Available on Android and iPhone!

By August 21, 2018App

This month, we launched the world’s first app that lets you make your own smoothies: the Alberts App. 

You like it sweet and your friend likes it sour? You want your smoothie to turn out pink and your sibling needs extra magnesium after their workout?

Choose ingredients according to your personal taste and needs – Alberts will do the rest!

The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

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Let’s get you started with the Alberts App

We’ve gotten a lot of requests from adventurous smoothie lovers who would like to get creative with their own smoothies. Well, we listened and made it happen 🙂

Let us introduce you to the app in 5 simple steps!

When you open the app, there’s a short intro explaining you what the app does. Next, here’s how it goes.

1. Select the Alberts Smoothie Station you’re at. It is important to select the right Station, because the Alberts app will pull in the ingredients available at this particular location. This way, you can’t make a smoothie with an ingredient that’s available at location A but not at location B.

2. Mix it up! When you’ve selected the right location, the ingredients become visible on your phone’s screen. There are ten bars to fill up with 2 to 4 different ingredients.
For example, if you like strawberry, you can tap strawberry four or five times. If you want to add a veggie, you could tap celery or spinach up to 2 times. (We included a limit on the veggies to protect your taste buds!) The remaining bars would be left for you to fill with 1 or 2 more ingredients.

3. It’s ok to change your mind! Maybe you’ll decide not to take strawberry after all. No worries! You don’t have to start from scratch. Just tap the ingredient in the cup to remove it and choose something else.

Select Machine Alberts App   Empty cup Alberts App   Full cup Alberts App   QR scanner Alberts App

4. Let’s order your smoothie! When your smoothie is ready to order, tap “Order smoothie” on your phone. On the touch screen of the machine, tap “My Alberts Smoothie” to generate the QR code and scan it with QR scanner that appeared on your phone.
Tap confirm on both your phone and the machine’s screen. When you see the cup in the machine move into place to receive the first ingredient, you’ll know the Alberts Smoothie Station has correctly received your order. Your unique smoothie will also appear on the touch screen with all the nutritional info next to it, so you can see how much of each nutrient you’ve chosen. Just like with our Originals!

5. Enjoy the show! Sit back and wait for us to do all the hard work! You can see the whole process of our smoothie robot live: from grinding the ingredients into the cup, to the part where water is added and the blending takes place.
Just like before, you’ll pay for your smoothie at the cash register in your local Carrefour supermarket or via the Worldline payment terminal which is integrated into the machines at companies and universities.

Become an H50 member and get fresh, daily smoothies at your location!


How does the Smoothie Station know what I want?

When you scan the unique QR code on the Smoothie Station, you are sending your unique recipe to the machine. The Alberts Smoothie Station takes into account how much of each ingredient you like and will weigh it down to the gram to get it right. On the touch screen of the machine, you will see the visual feedback of your order as well.

Alberts App in use

For this communication to happen smoothly (pun intended), the smoothie station needs a good-working network connection. Our machines work with ethernet, WiFi or 4G networks. We want to make sure you’ll be able to order your smoothie at any floor of your building. That’s why we’re looking into IoT networks as well!

But don’t worry, you can never order a smoothie by accident. You’ll always need to scan the QR code from the machine.

We’re making it even easier for you

Soon, we’ll be launching the new look for our Alberts App. Stay tuned for that to happen!

We are also working on adding new features that will make the smooth living experience even easier for you! Our market research, beta-testers and current app users, have gifted us a lot of suggestions to make the app even more user-friendly and take their smoothie experience to the next level.

The first step will be to show you your smoothie history, so you’ll always be able to look back on combinations you’ve tried.

You’ll also be able to save your favorite recipes and give them a name. We’re already looking forward to seeing your levels of creativity! And who knows, maybe you’ll end up as a featured chef one day 🙂

Now it’s customization, but soon it’s personalization!

We’re totally excited for you to start using the app and customizing your own smoothies to your own taste and needs.

But our end goal is much more than that!

In the future, the Alberts app will become your health partner by:

  • giving you health suggestions based on your personal lifestyle and daily rhythm through integration with your wearables
  • encouraging you to keep up smooth living by giving you points and rewards every time you finish a challenge
  • sending you fresh advisory content compiled into an easy-to-read feed to keep you informed and inspired
  • and much more!

Download the Alberts app today! Available in the App Store and Play Store.

Receive updates on new features and behind-the-scenes info to get the most out of the app!