alberts one

for food service providers

All-in-one robotic solution for 24/7 fresh, personalized snacking in 1m².

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one for you.

One station that makes all your favorite blends in a minimum amount of time and space.


Organizations with >150 employees


Universities & colleges


Hospitals, elderly homes, wellness

happy, healthy & hassle-free.

100% contactless

Consumers order using our app on their own smartphone. Payments are received digitally via NFC.

dashboard insights

Dive into the data. Analyze consumer and consumption data and optimize your numbers.

easy replenishment

With only 8min. of cleaning a day, your blend bar is quicker to maintain than your average coffee machine!

eco-friendly products

We use IQF ingredients for zero food waste. Enjoy your blend from a bagasse cup with edible apple straws.

And that's not all!

Check out these unique customer communication opportunities

Boost sales with the help of our marketing team. Benefit from new communication channels. You can spread a message via the screen on the blending station or send push notifications through the Alberts App.

alberts one

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