Healthy Eating Habits at Work? It’s Easy if you do it Smart!

By February 18, 2019How Alberts Does It

Think maintaining healthy eating habits at work is hard? Nah! Not if you have the right tools and mindset to make it happen. Read on to find out more!

Healthy eating starts with consuming varied meals. We speak of a balanced diet when your plate contains more plant-based and natural products (as they are more nutrient-dense) than animal and processed products.

Nevertheless, eating healthy seems more easily said than done for a lot of us.

No matter how good your intentions may be, many have the unhealthy habit of grabbing for the first snack at hand (which often isn’t fruit) or going for the easiest solution (chocolate bar anyone?) to satisfy their hunger or cravings.

It requires a lot of effort and determination to change a lifestyle. But being aware of the disadvantages of unhealthy eating habits might encourage you to take action.


50% of Belgian employees would choose different snacks if more healthy alternatives were available at work.
Health in Belgium


The Effects of Unhealthy Food

When you observe decreased productivity in the workplace, take a look at your employees’ eating habits.

After eating a sugary snack, you’ll notice that your staff experiences a short sugar rush. But after every high comes a low. The way you typically try to get out of a low, is by consuming more of what gave you the high: so more sugar it is!

It’s better to prevent the lows and cravings in the first place. Making healthy snacks more easily available than the unhealthy (sugary) kind is a great place to start.

There are, after all, so many benefits of healthy eating at work to take into account. By serving employees healthy food throughout the day, you can avoid energy crashes and keep the brain properly fueled. This means more productivity and higher concentration levels.


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Choosing a fruit bar over a chocolate bar will boost your brainpower for much longer. It also won’t affect your weight in the same way a chocolate bar will. Neither will you experience sugar lows (nor productivity decrease).


Smart Eating Solutions

There are a lot of “smart eating” initiatives popping up to help you become aware of your unhealthy reflexes and to change your habits. It was never easier to give shifting to healthy eating habits a go.

From the optimization of food labels and apps that help you find healthier alternatives in the supermarket, to the introduction of smart devices (such as the Alberts Smoothie Station and the mealhero steamer) and corporate wellness coaches. The number of smart eating solutions is ever increasing.

Doing a search for healthy foods that give you energy fast or foods that help you concentrate will give you ideas for quick, nifty alternatives. But even more so, it might be a good idea to sit down with your employees and discuss which healthy alternatives they would like to have within reach in the office – healthy food and snacks they’ll actually eat. Click here to find out more on which foods help boost your brain.


It might be a good idea to sit down with your employees an discuss which healthy snacks they would actually eat!


5 Actionable Steps for Improving Healthy Eating Habits at Work

Do you want to start (or continue) promoting healthy eating in the workplace? Here are some simple actionable steps to help your employees change their snacking habits.

  1. Take the temptation away. Don’t offer unhealthy snacks at all, or at least not in the immediate workspace. Employees already spend so much energy on doing their job, they shouldn’t waste any more energy on resisting unhealthy snacks. Instead, place healthy snacks within view and reach, and remove unhealthy snacks from the room completely.
  2. Drink enough water. You probably already know that hydrating frequently only has positive effects on your body and brain. Consider making water easily (and freely) available. Consider adding flavors (slices of lemon, mint leaves…) to change things up. There are also apps and gadgets which remind you to hydrate!
  3. Well begun is half done. Encourage employees to set up a cooking rotation system, where everybody takes turns cooking for everyone once a week. This way everyone is somewhat accountable for the others’ healthy eating habits. Encourage employees to create weekly meal plans and make a fridge space available to store homemade meals in.
  4. Ask to not eat lunch at the desk. Who wants crumbs in their keyboard anyway? Invite employees to the lunchroom with you. Socializing creates healthy working relationships. In combination with eating consciously, employees will return to their desk re-energized (at least until the unavoidable afternoon dip kicks in).  
  5. Make choosing healthy easy and straightforward. Try to balance your food and snack offering in favor of the healthy side. Offer more healthy alternatives and at a better price than the unhealthy food. Put healthy options within view and reach.

Can’t get enough? Here’s even more expert tips on boosting your brain with healthy snacks!

By adding innovation into the mix, changing eating and snacking habits becomes a lot more fun!

The Alberts Smoothie Station serves fresh smoothies to your employees, personalized to their taste and dietary needs. Made with pure fruit and veggies, they are a healthy alternative for sugary snacks.