Join our Software Team as Junior Front-End Developer

As part of the software team, you will help us shake up the food industry. With your scalable skills as Front-End Developer, you will actively contribute to the growth of our business. You will be invaluable for designing and implementing the tools needed to create beautiful interfaces for our clients, for the end-customers and for us internally. An optimal user-experience is essential, so it is up to you to smoothen the integration of customers with our system. You’ll be the creative link between the business requirements and the technical implementation.

The Jr. Front-End Developer’s Opportunity

Software is an important part of our experience. We count on you to make all our software solutions eye-catching, yet user-friendly. Your software challenges involve the smoothie machine interface and mobile app interface. We constantly plant seeds for new products. When new products are ready for development, you will create fresh interfaces for those as well. You will work together with the business development and marketing team to get a clear grasp on the user requirements and will translate, implement and execute as needed.

More specifically:

  • You will configure the cloud platform (think: recipe management, machine monitoring, automatic inventory)
  • You will follow up our smoothie stations: remote control center of all machines in the field
  • You take care of the general IT support internally
  • You write scripts to link different services together
  • You scan the market to find the right tools for the respective requirements
  • You will set up the proof of concept of our IoT robotics platform

What you need for the Junior Front-End Developer position

In your fruit basket, we look for

  • Experience with Javascript (Angular and React). We use ionic framework to accelerate mobile-app development. 
  • Handy with different types of environments / tools.
  • Interested in improving customer experience
  • Fresh and agile mindset. You have a lean and pragmatic attitude.
  • We work with bi-weekly scrum meetings. 
  • Top team player who blossoms in small teams and cherishes direct feedback.

What’s the offer?

Let’s dangle that carrot: Alberts offers a full-time position. If this job is in line with your talent and interests, we need you to help us shake up the food industry. Please send us your CV ASAP ( We are looking forward to hearing from you!