Smooth Return Days

Kick off your office re-opening

Get free smoothies at work!

Right now, everyone works from home. But hopefully, we’ll be back at the office soon. Treat your colleagues to Alberts Smoothies during the “Smooth Return Days” when offices open again! A refreshing vitamin boost on your first days back.

What can you expect from a Smooth Return Day at your office:

  • The Alberts Team plugs in the smoothie robot at your office
  • Get a fresh vitamin boost: re-energize on your first days back
  • You can personalize your smoothie recipe: make it your own!
  • Catch up with your colleagues while enjoying a healthy smoothie
  • 100% contactless experience with the app and cashless payment

What do I need to do?

  • Fill out the form
  • We’ll get in touch with you
  • We’ll fix a date
  • Count down the days!
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Reserve your spot for a visit of Alberts' smoothie robot!

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    Let's take some healthy action!

    Alberts Smoothie Station App

    100% Contactless Experience

    Personalize your smoothie with the Alberts App
    and pay cashless using the built-in terminal.

    100% Natural

    We only work with natural ingredients. By using only pure fruit & veggies and filtered water, we create the perfect addition to your daily fruit & veg intake.


    All worries go out of the window thanks to the limited maintenance requirements (it’s easier than a coffee machine). The robot cleans itself throughout the day!

    Make Your Own

    You become the chef! Make your personalized smoothie recipes and the smoothie robot will do its magic. A healthy snack in 90 seconds! 


    With our edible straws, minimal water usage and frozen ingredients, we’ve created a sustainable solution for people & planet.