CIO - Chief Information Officer

Alberts is an innovative FoodTech startup based in Wijnegem (Antwerp), founded in August 2015 by 3 young entrepreneurs, meanwhile energized by 3 motivated employees and ever since supported by countless inspiring partners. Our mission? Making personalized health accessible and affordable through technology. That’s why we made the first smoothie vending machine in the world that produces fresh and healthy personalized smoothies. Over the last 2 years, we have realized our first operational Beta machines incl. the set-up of the foundations of our software base.

Time has come now to prepare the full-blown machine roll out, and starting to build upon our software foundations towards real services that create value for consumers and clients. Alberts is moving from a Robotics Company mainly focusing on hardware towards an elaborate branch in Software Development to better serve our consumers and clients and support our growth. Therefor, Alberts is hiring a CIO Chief Informations Officer. Interested to join us and lead Alberts further?

Alberts is looking for someone who’s eager to pick the low-hanging fruit and more. You come in where ‘Personalization’ meets ‘Health’ &  ‘Smoothies’ and you will fulfill a leading role in facing Alberts’ ambitious upcoming IT challenges. You will take the lead of our software developers and continue to build this team in the upcoming years. You will be responsible for crafting the business strategy for our upcoming software upgrades together with the other managers, while leading the software engineering from idea to market launch. This includes setting up systems that suit both our end-consumers and B2B clients.

  • Consumer App: the Alberts Smoothie Creator is now live and you will take the lead in expanding the app in the upcoming years. Through gamification we seek to challenge our consumers continuously and inform them about healthy living while offering them a chance to interact with friends to share their newest recipes. A subscription model will allow users to gain extra perks. Our engines will ensure consumers get the right info at the right time and stay motivated to keep on the healthy path.
  • Client Platform: dashboards will offer our clients a way to keep track of the key metrics with regard to the Alberts Station and launch semi-automated social media marketing campaigns to keep their visitors up-to-date of new tastes and recipes.
  • ERP & Cloud: Alberts is growing fast and a fully integrated and automated supply chain management is required to support that growth.
  • Station IoT connectivity: Together with our partnership with Telenet you will bring our Smoothie Stations to the Industry 4.0 IoT state-of-the-art to allow for predictive maintenance and remote station management.

Alberts is looking for that Top Banana profile who can prove to master the following development competencies :

  • Entrepreneurial experience in a start-up or similar.
  • Software business development and road to market planning experience.
  • Linux (Debian or Ubuntu) knowledge and good command line knowledge to work via terminal is a must.
  • Relational database experience required. Alberts uses PostgresQL.
  • Back-End : Java Springboot / Front-End on machine and app: Angular (HTML5)
  • Maven dependency management and build tool.
  • Curiosity for AI, big data and robotics is a bonus.
  • > 5 years of experience, being able to act as cool as a cucumber in stressful situations & to take up a leading role in internal as well as outbound collaboration with partners (focus on proactivity, risk-awareness & communication skills).

Let’s dangle that carrot : Alberts offers a full time in-house position with a competitive compensation package incl. possibilities for salary customization based on different extralegal advantages. Out of this strategic key position, you will embody the company drive forward through your active contribution in building well-engineered, yet user-centric products that fit the market need, based on test driven development, continuous integration and frequent user testing across self-organizing teams.

If this offer is music to your ears, we need you to make the difference and shake up the food industry. Please collect your code & business books and send us your CV ( or leave us a message (+32 494 615830). We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Team Alberts.