Are you the Health Hero that will make your company great again?

More than half of all employees in Belgium would opt for a healthy snack if it was available. With the Alberts Smoothie Station, you have found the healthy solution to quench your colleagues’ thirst: smoothies at work. Be the one to introduce your company to our refreshing concept! Tell us who's responsible for employee wellbeing at your organization and we'll do our best to get daily fresh smoothies to your office.

Recognize this?

  • You want healthy snacks, but there are none available at work
  • You’re over the sticky fingers on your keyboard after eating a piece of fruit
  • You think fruit baskets are great, but there’s not enough variety to keep you satisfied
  • You’re craving something else than water and sodas for a change

Craving this?

A smoothie vending machine that

  • is innovative and fun
  • is quick and tasty
  • is hassle-free and effortless
  • is available 24/7
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Bring smoothies to work with Alberts Smoothie Station!

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    How to get smoothies at work:

    1. Tell us who is responsible for employee wellbeing in your organization.
    2. We’ll send a nice note and explain why we’re contacting them. You’ll get all the credit of course!
    3. If they’re interested, our team will set up a meeting with them to find out if there’s a match.
    4. You might have a Smoothie Station at your office soon! We can send you progress updates if you’d like?
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