Frequently Asked Questions

Alberts Smoothie Robot Solution

How often is the machine cleaned / refilled?

For every 100 smoothies made, about 4-5 ingredients out of 10 have to be refilled. Replenishment takes little to no time and it’s very easy! On top of that, our robot is super ‘smart’: it knows when certain ingredients are running low on stock, and it will adapt the presented recipes on the touch screen!

Last but not least, our smoothie robot cleans itself after having prepared a smoothie. This means that the machine only requires 8 minutes of manual maintenance on a daily basis, which is a lot less then most coffee machines!

How long does it take to prepare a smoothie?

On average, it takes around 2 minutes to prepare a fresh smoothie.

Does Alberts offer technical support?

We certainly do!

On the rare occasion that there would be a kind of technical malfunction that the machine can’t fix on its own, our technical team is at your disposal and will get your Smoothie Station up and running again in no time!

What about food safety & health standards?

The health and safety of all our consumers is extremely important to us! The Alberts Smoothie Stations have been designed with major focus on food safety regulations.

First of all, we work with verified suppliers who flash freeze the fruit and veggies in compliance with food health & safety standards.

Secondly, our smoothies are made with all natural ingredients: fruit, veggies and water. No other additives. Our smoothies are vegan, and lactose and gluten-free as well.

Lastly, our Smoothie Station are deployed with self-cleaning technology, meaning that the robot cleans itself every time a smoothie has been made. 

Find out more about our food safety initiatives here. 

Is the machine sustainable and do you use eco-friendly utensils?

Currently, we’re rolling out cups made of bagasse at all of our locations. Bagasse is a residu from the sugarcane industry. This means that the cups are tree-free, bio-degradable and OK compost.

And that’s not all! Our straws are made of apple pulp, which is an edible residu from the apple juice industry that usually ends up in the waste pile. So, yes, you guessed it! Our straws are edible.

On top of that, the current system of our Smoothie Station is optimized for minimal wastage. We limit water usage to a minimum and are able to avoid food waste by working with frozen ingredients.

Is the machine connected to the cloud as well? Can data be gathered?

The Alberts Smoothie Station is an IoT connected smoothie robot. Because the smoothie robot is connected to the cloud, it’s possible to personalize your smoothie and monitor what happens remotely. You can analyze general consumer behavior, gather data and change recipes. For example, the data we collect lets us better predict which ingredients are popular in order to organize deliveries in a more efficient way.

What should I do if I want an Alberts Smoothie Station at my office?

We’re stoked that you see the value of a smoothie robot for your employees!

If you want an Alberts Smoothie Station to serve healthy and delicious smoothies to your colleagues, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

What is the delivery time for an Alberts Smoothie Station?

We’re loving the enthusiasm 🙂

We’re very fortunate for the high demand for our Smoothie Stations. However, only a limited amount of machines are available at this time. That’s why we launched a waitlist for the next production batch, working on a first come, first serve basis.

Alberts Smoothies

Are smoothies healthy?

There’s nothing healthier than picking an apple from a tree, giving it a quick wash and enjoying it right after. In reality though, this is hardly ever possible. Even though eating your fruit and veggies is still the #1 thing to strive for, Alberts Smoothies are a great addition to your fruit and veggie intake. Our smoothies are made with 175g of pure frozen fruit & veggies and we only add water. Because all our ingredients are 100% natural and additive free, Alberts Smoothies are a great snack to boost your day in a healthy way!

What’s the difference between juices and smoothies?

That’s a very good question! At Alberts, our mission is to help people eat more fruit & veggies, because they’re full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our body needs those to function optimally. We opted for smoothies, because they are made by blending the whole fruit. Juices, on the other hand, are made by separating the fruit pulp from the fruit juice. All the food’s nutrients are contained in the fiber. Smoothies contain all of the fruit and veggies’ fiber and the means also all the good stuff! More so, fiber is an important part of your diet, because it helps to keep your digestive system active. Juicing keeps out the pulp, and as such also the fibers.

 If you want to read more about juices and smoothies, check out the difference between smoothies vs. juicing here.

What kind of ingredients does Alberts use?

Alberts Smoothies are 100% natural, made with fruit & veggies. We only add water for a pure, fresh taste. There are no (sugary) additives like purees, powders, syrups or juices. Our catalogue currently consists of 25 identified ingredients that are compatible with our Smoothie Station. The location decides which 10 ingredients are added into the robot, so availability of ingredients can differ.

Why do you use frozen fruit and veggies?

We use Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF) ingredients. The fruit & veggies used in our Alberts Smoothies are frozen immediately after harvest. Essentially, this means that the fruit is “frozen in time,” retaining  most of the vitamins and other nutrients. The ingredients remain frozen even inside our Smoothie Stations until they’re ready to be used in your delicious smoothie. Read more about why we use frozen ingredients here.

How do I pay for my smoothie?

All of our Smoothie Stations come with the newest edition of digital payment terminals. Depending on the location you can pay for your smoothie using all regular debit or credit cards, but also digital Sodexo and Edenred meal vouchers.

Can I make my own smoothie recipes?

Absolutely! Using the Alberts App, you can create your own smoothie. It’s as simple as selecting the specific amounts of your favorite ingredients and sending your smoothie recipe to the smoothie robot by scanning the QR-code on the touch screen of the Smoothie Station.

Didn’t find the answer to one of your questions? Send it to us directly via the contact form.